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York County Coastal Aviation LLC was founded by Jeff Surran, in January 2017 with the goal of providing safe, highly effective, reasonably priced flight training in the Southern Maine area.  Jeff is a captain for a major airline, former naval aviator and current Air National Guard pilot with thousands of hours of flight experience and a veteran with over 100 combat missions over Iraq and Afghanistan.  YCCA has a fleet of three aircraft, including a Piper Warrior, Piper Arrow and Beechcraft Duchess.  All of our aircraft have Garmin GPS products and are instrument certified and rated.  The YCCA flight school provides flight and ground instruction for primary, instrument, and advanced ratings.  We also offer scenic and sightseeing flights within a 25 nautical mile radius of the Biddeford Municipal Airport (B-19) or airport of departure.

York County Coastal Aviation Flight School offers competitive pricing, great location, and top notch instruction.  We are a hands-on flight school that tailors flight training to the individual student needs.  We are not a “helmet fire, package deal” flight training facility, like some of the other places you may have researched or heard about.  What we do offer is a fair hourly rate, a top notch individually tailored flight training program, and highly experienced and motivated instructors, who will go above and beyond to help you reach your goals.  The YCCA instructor pilots have diversified backgrounds and experience, ranging from military flying, airline pilot flying, and general aviation flying.  We are available to answer your questions about how to get a pilot’s license, how to become an airline pilot, how to become a military pilot, how to become a commercial pilot and how much does a pilot license cost.  We look forward to answering your questions.

York County Coastal Aviation provides flight training for all ratings and experience levels.  Our training includes:

  • Recreational/sport pilot
  • Private pilot
  • Instrument rating
  • Complex aircraft
  • High performance rating (over 200hp)
  • Single engine commercial pilot
  • Certified flight instructor/instrument instructor, single engine (CFI/I)
  • Multi-engine private pilot
  • Multi-engine commercial pilot
  • Certified flight instructor/instrument instructor, multi-engine (MEI/I)
  • Time building and rental

At York County Coastal Aviation, we understand how challenging, time consuming and costly flight training can be.  Our goal is to get you to your rating goals in a timely but non-rushed, cost effective manner.  Our number one priority is always safety and we operate with the “if there is any doubt, there is no doubt” attitude.  Please give us a call to discuss how to become a pilot and earn your private pilot’s license, instrument rating, commercial pilot license, multi engine commercial rating, or certified flight instructor rating.

As the owner of a flight school, airline captain, and military pilot, I can tell you with certainty that there has never been a better time to become a pilot.  Whether your goal is the left seat of a Boeing 777 at a major airline, or pilot in command of a Cessna-172, we will help you to achieve your goals and dreams.  Please reach out to us to schedule your flying lessons and let’s start you on the first step of that exciting journey. 


Jeff Surran

York County Coastal Aviation Pricing. (Bulk Rate Pricing May Apply)  Cash, Check Or Venmo Only

  • Piper Warrior, single engine training, wet. $185/hr.  $160 aircraft, $25 paid directly to flight instructor
  • Piper Arrow, single engine complex training, wet. $225/hr.  $200 aircraft, $25 paid directly to flight instructor
  • Beechcraft Duchess, multi-engine training, wet. $450/hr.  $400 aircraft, $50 paid directly to flight instructor
  • Ground training/instruction $25/hr
  • Instrument ground school. $450. Scheduled as needed

Single Engine Training

Diamond DA 202001 Diamond DA-20, 125HP Fuel Injected, 130 Knots Spin Certified, Garmin GNS 430

Private Pilot Certification

Instrument Rating

CFI Certification

  • Aircraft - $145/hr
  • Instructor - $40/hr

Available for instruction and rental with checkout.

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Multi-Engine Training

Beechcraft Duchess Multi-Engine Training

Beechcraft BE-76 Duchess equipped with a Garmin GNS 650

  • Aircraft WET - $365/hr
  • Instructor - $60/hr
  • Total $425/hr
  • Multi-Engine Private, Multi-Engine Commercial, MEI Multi-Engine Instructor, Time Building - $325/hr

Bulk rate pricing available

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Gift Certificates

Give Someone The Gift Of Flight!

  • Exposure/Introduction Flights. 30 Minutes, $100
  • Exposure/Introduction Flights. 1 Hour, $150
  • Can Be Used At Any Time And Good For One Calendar Year
  • Price Includes One Person. $50 Each Additional Student

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